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Vi udfører til enhver tid vores opgaver inden for Australian Immigration Advisers Authority's adfærdskodeks retningslinjer.
Australian Working Holiday visas:
Et australsk arbejds-/ferievisum (WHM visum) giver unge mellem 18 og 30 år ret til at en forlænget ferie suppleret med et uformelt arbejde i op til 12 måneder i Australien.
ETA Tourist and Business Visas
The Australian Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) allows US citizens aged between 18 and 30 to travel and take up casual work in Australia for up to 12 months.
Dette 3-måneders visum til Australien tillader dig at tage til Australien I forretningsøjemed, såsom: Deltagelse i konferencer, Forhandlinger, Eksplorative forretningsbesøg.
Et ETA eller Electronic Travel Authority (elektronisk indrejsetilladelse) er en "papirløs" indrejsetilladelse til Australien.
Et 6-måneders turistvisum til australien er til langtidsophold for personer, som tager til Australien på ferie eller for at besøge familie eller venner.
Et 12-måneders turistvisum til Australien er et visum til langtidsophold. Der er for personer, som rejser til Australien på ferie eller for at besøge familier og venner.
The Australian Sponsorship 457 Visa entitles you to live in Australia and work for up to four years for an employer/company who will directly sponsor you. You need to have a job offer in Oz in order to apply for this Australia work visa.
Self Sponsorship entitles you to set up your own business in Australia and sponsor yourself. Visa will initially be granted for 12 months, to allow you to develop the business. If your business is successful after 12 months, you can apply for further stay.
The Australian Business Short Stay visa (sub 456) allows business people to make a short business visit to Australia for up to three (3) months during your visa validity period. Business activities may include a conference, negotiation or exploratory business visit. Work is generally not allowed, however, you may be allowed to engage in limited work if for example it is highly specialised and non-ongoing (generally less than six (6) weeks). You must not undertake work that can be done by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
Australian Migration Visas:
The Australian Skilled Independent Visa allows skilled migrants in certain specialised occupations to move to Australia and seek employment without having to organise a job or sponsorship beforehand.
The Australia State Sponsored (Migrant) Visa allows you to migrate to Australia if you have good English skills and have skills and qualifications in an occupation in need in Australia. You should either obtain nomination from a State or be sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia.
The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is a permanent residency visa that allows Australian employers to sponsor employees who are foreign nationals for a permanent visa to work in Australia.
The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) allows Australian employers in regional areas to fill labour shortages in skilled positions with staff from overseas or temporary residents in Australia.
This Australia Sponsorship Visa is a three year provisional visa for overseas students and other certain visa holders who are not eligible for a permanent skilled migration visa.
Student, Dependants and other Australian visas
If you wish to study in Australia for more than 3 months you will need an Australian Student Visa. To be eligible you must have already been accepted into a full-time course at an eligible Australian educational institution.
The Australia De Facto Visa allows the partner of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia as their de facto spouse.
If you are living outside of Australia and are engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the Australia Fiancé Visa enables you to visit Australia to get married. It is valid for up to 9 months, after which you may apply for an Australia Spouse Visa.
The Australian Family Stream Migration Programme has a remaining relative category which allows the relatives of Australian citizens or permanent residents to be sponsored by their family in order to migrate to Australia to join them.
The partner migration programme in Australia allows the partner of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia on an Australian Spouse Visa.
The Australian Entertainer Visa enables people to work temporarily in Australia in the entertainment industry - for example to undertake work in film, TV or live productions.
The film and media staff visa for Australia allows you to come to Australia to work temporarily on the production of documentaries or commercials that will initially be distributed outside of Australia. The visa is available for overseas news media, television and film crews, and still-photographers.