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Get off to a great start in Oz!

Visa First organises everything you need to start living and working in Australia – before you even leave home!

Australian Bank Account
While applying for your visa we can also book a bank account for you with Traveltowork. Traveltowork open bank accounts in just 4-5 days. You will then have your bank account open before leaving for Australia and New Zealand and will be ready to work as soon as you land as your Australian employer will insist that you have an Australian bank account. For more information email or phone one of the Visa First team for assistance Apply for your Australian bank account here.

Tax Saver Pack – Tax File Number & Tax Refunds

To work in Australia, you’ll need a Tax File Number (TFN) or you will pay tax at the emergency rate of 48%. With our Tax Saver Pack we start organising your TFN before you leave home so you’ll be able to start work immediately in Australia and pay tax at the normal rate of 29%.

As part of the Tax Saver Pack, we also organise your Australian tax refund with a 5% discount on the fee when you head home, or after the Australian tax year end on June 30th. Ninety-nine percent of working holiday makers in Australia over pay tax and our customers get average refunds of AU$2600! Our tax expertise means you’ll get the maximum amount of tax back from your time in Oz. We can organise your refund in just 10 working days and send it to Oz or your bank account back home. Apply for your Tax Saver Pack here.

Australian SIM Card
We can provide you with an Australian mobile SIM card along with instructions for unblocking your phone. Click here.

Kickstart Arrival packs
Get off to the best start possible in Australia with our Kickstart Arrival packs. The package includes:
  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation and breakfast
  • Information orientation
  • Jobs Advice*

Our job advice service will provide you with a list of recruitment agencies so you can be quickly pointed in the right direction and find out where to start applying for jobs straight away. In addition you will receive 12 months free Internet access so you can job search.

Register online with Visa First for your arrival pack today.

Extension Service
The visa extension service will give you access to a free consultation from our Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1065905.

When you are in Australia and have decided that you want to further your stay, contact with your Visa Extension File Number and current contact details. Migration will organise a free consultation for you (and your partner). They will go through your eligibility for all Visa classes including employer sponsorship, defacto visa, student visa, employer nomination scheme and the permanent resident skilled migrant visas.

Please ensure that you contact as soon as you decide to stay longer in Australia, as not all visas permit you to remain in Australia on a bridging visa while you are waiting on you new visa to be issued.

Register online with Visa First for your extension service today.

International Driving Licence (IDL)
An International Drivers’ Licence shows that you hold a valid Driver’s Licence in your home country. It is translated into eight languages and is designed so that police and other authorities in foreign countries can read your licence in their own language. You need to get your IDL before you leave for Australia. Visa First organises IDLs for Irish residents in week once we receive your application. To apply you need the application form, a copy of your Irish Driver’s Licence and a passport photo.

The fastest way to apply is by phone: +353 1 878 3329.
Or fill out the online IDL application form here.

Australian Second Year WHM and Other Visas
Each year we have hundreds of customers who enjoy their time in Oz so much that they just don’t want to leave. We can help organise second year working holiday visas, skilled migrant and sponsorship visas for Australia.

Secure a Job in Australia!
Visa First partnered with a leading Australian working holiday jobs search company, focused solely on providing you with all the essential guidance and tools you need to find the most suitable job for you. We offer you the best resource for Working Holiday Visa specific jobs across all Blue and White collar industries which will be suitable for all age ranges and work experience. All the jobs listed for you will be up to date, 100% Working Holiday Visa friendly, 100% real and only come from trusted partners. Not everyone can post jobs on the system. Our partners are incredibly selective with the employers/recruiters they use so they can ensure that the jobs being listed are relevant and suitable for you.
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