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China Work Permit Info

The Chinese work permit is for foreign nationals who have been invited by a Chinese employer to work in China on temporary basis. The Chinese work permit will generally be issued for the duration of your job offer and lasts for up to 5 years. You may include your dependent family members under your permit. Your dependents will be allowed to work or study in China.

The process of obtaining Chinese work permit has a few stages. The first step is for your employer to submit an application for accreditation to employ foreign nationals directly to the local Labor Administrative Authorities. Once your employer receives the employment accreditation, they will send you a government issued Employment Permit and Visa Notification Letter. After that we can apply for your Z visa which will allow you to enter China and start working. Usually the processing time to obtain the visa is approximately 5 working days after your application is lodged with the embassy. Once you receive your passport back with the visa label in it, you can travel to China and start working. Once you arrive in China on your work visa, you must apply for a residence certificate with the Public Security Bureau. You need to submit this application within 30 days of your arrival. The term of validity of your residence certificate will be determined in accordance with the validity of you employment permit.