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Investor visas are granted to business people and entrepreneurs who are willing to make substantial investment in the economy of the issuing country. The size of the investment must be enough to ensure the proper operation of the business enterprise. Furthermore, the investment visa applicants must show that he/she has had a successful business and entrepreneurship career.

In most cases it is critical that the prospective investor visa applicant present a business plan that will be evaluated by the immigration authorities of the issuing country. Some countries have requirements that define a minimum net worth that an individual must possess in order to qualify for an investor visa.

Investor visas from VisaFirst:

The New Zealand Long Term Business Visa gives you the chance to start new business in New Zealand or buying an existing one.
Specially for US Treaty nationalities this visa grant you and your family to extendable 2 year stay in USA if you invest in business operating within the US.
The Canadian Investor Visa gives you permanent residence in Canada if you invest certain amount of money into Canadian economy.