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Tourist Visa

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Syria Tourist Visa Information

Anyone who wishes to visit Syria will need a tourist visa. Visa First can organise your Syria Visa in just 5 working days, after we receive your application.

To apply for a Syria Tourist Visa you will need to provide:
  • Your original passport, valid for at least six months with at least two blank pages. It should not bear any Israeli stamps;
  • A letter from your employer on headed company paper, confirming that you are currently employed;*
  • Two colour passport-sized photographs;
  • Two completed and signed Syria Visa application forms (per person);
  • A registered or recorded self-addressed envelope with exact postage;

* If retired no letter from pension fund is required

Apply for your visa for Syria today
Simply call our tourist visa department and book your Syrian Visa now by phone. Our team will send you the necessary forms and process your visa immediately.

UK: 207 659 9180
1 878 3329
USA:  866 772 9245
Canada: 647 724 3535