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Australian Working Holiday Visa Requirements

To be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa to Australia, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) at the date of your Australia work visa application
  • You must not have any dependent children
  • You may be asked to show sufficient funds for a return or onward fare, and enough money to support yourself when you arrive in Australia
  • You must hold a passport from an eligible country (see below) and have at least one year until that passport expires
  • You must declare any serious criminal convictions
  • You must declare any serious medical issues

Applications for Australian Working Holiday Visas must be made from outside of Australia.

Australia has working holiday agreements with:

Belgium Canada Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Hong Kong*
Italy Japan Malta Norway
Republic of Cyprus** Republic of Ireland Republic of Korea Sweden
Taiwan The Netherlands United Kingdom
*Hong Kong special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China
**Applicants from the Republic of Cyprus must lodge their application with their resident Australian Government Office


The Working Holiday Visa in Australia is for 12 months and during this time you can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like. If you wish to stay longer than 12 months, Visa First can help you apply for a Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Conditions of Work

Under the visa you are permitted to take up any kind of temporary or casual work. The main purpose of the visa is to holiday and travel in Australia so you are not permitted to work for longer than 6 months for any one employer. Apply now for your Australian Working Holiday Visa

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